Avatar Korra has a great rack so we shall appreciate it here forever and always.

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    My one true pair(ing) is Korra's right boob/Korra's left boob. Canon? (y/y)

I ship it.

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    I dunno about that answer for season 2. Her boob size actively increased throughout season 1, very much on purpose

Perhaps I was too busy worrying about how the show was progressing.

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Public Plea


I never make posts like these, but a good friend of mine, Kay, and a dedicated fan in the Avatar/Korra fandom is currently going through a severely tough time. Her family is struggling with payments and her house is being foreclosed on. Kay and her father struggled to make ends meet to help pay for Kay’s mother’s medical bills. Just a couple of days ago, Kay’s mother passed away. I understand not everyone has access to a credit card, but if you are willing to give even a few dollars, all will help in making sure Kay and her father has money to buy food and worry a little less about other payments. 

Kay is a kindred spirit, and she’s battling a world of emotions right now. Any support would help. 

Kay’s ChipIn 

Even if you can’t help via monetary, just passing this along by simply reblogging it will also help. It really sucks to beg like this, but Kay is already juggling so many different issues, let’s try and make some of those issues disappear. 

I hope I don’t turn too many of you away for reblogging this on here, but well, this is for a very dear friend who is in dire need. 

Aside from costs of living, hospital bills, and funeral expenses for her mother, she and her father have until September 4 before their house will be sold and they will be homeless. 

I am sorry for using this blog for this (I don’t have many followers on my main blog lol :/), but I hope you guys will understand and at least spread this around. I will really appreciate it, and I know my friend will, too. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention that she is also one of the admins on this blog (if that makes a difference). 

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    Do you think that by season 2 they'll be making her boobs larger again?

I doubt they will increase her boob size.

Besides, her boobs are great the way they are.

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    looking at that punching screenshot from yesterday, my god, her tits are huge

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boobs from beginning of episode 9


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    Hi there! I was wondering you happen to know where to find the "Hey Girls. Did You Know. That Your Boobs" version for Korra. I remember seeing it but I can't find it! Do you happen to know where it is?

I think someone actually submitted that to us, but it looks like I accidentally deleted it. :/ And then I made the mistake of going through the “girls did you know” tag to find it, but couldn’t. But DEAR LORD that meme is really annoying.


Korra boobs appreciation post

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